The idea

As an innovative development service provider for components and processes, we know our customers‘ needs and requirements exactly. Time and cost efficiency are very important in the manufacturing process. Often only a customer-specific solution leads to the optimal result.

Fibre winding is an established process for the production of fibre composite components. However, with fibre angles below 40°, the production effort increases significantly as the fibre rovings must be prevented from slipping. The conventional method of wrapping the ends of the winding core leads to a significant increase in material consumption. The use of winding pin strips is also not optimal in this case, as the strips are difficult to handle and can damage the fibre rovings.

Our winding aids provide a solution and make your processes more efficient. The highly innovative pin solution can be adapted to any core shape and any desired fibre angle. The pins are made of a special polymer that can withstand the forces and temperatures occurring during production. The pin design is ergonomic and designed for material conservation. As the pin strips can also be produced additively, customer-specific individualisation of diameter, internal geometry, pin number and even the exact pin geometry is possible fastly and easily. This allows new freedom in component design. From filigree satellite struts to highly loaded ship shaft, rotationally symmetrical components can be wound in this way, true to angle as well as cost-efficiently and in a time-efficient manner. The winding pin rings can be mounted very fastly with the innovative 1-click system and guarantee a more precise placement of the rovings, whereby components with improved mechanical properties can be manufactured.